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Transformation Magic


The Magic of Transformation is an energetic/spiritual work of raising the frequency through the insertion of energy from the Elohim into the magnetic field. It consists of injecting a highly positive charge into the Being, thus promoting its accelerated expansion and personal progress.

The divine energetic charge (combined electromagnetic information chain) penetrates the subtle bodies and descends to the denser bodies, acting in the energetic/psychological/emotional field (psychosomatic, metaphysical, bioenergetic). Once absorbed, the light frequency helps the individual in raising the frequency and interior transformations, until the desired energy pattern is achieved. It promotes together with the person the changes that he/she needs and desires, in any sector.

The vibratory essence of Transformation Magic is divided into three parts:

1- Vibration of the Elohim – Unconditional Love, positivity, spiritual elevation, joy, happiness, well-being.

2- Requested vibration - Load that the individual wishes to receive (Illumination, emotional and physical healing, prosperity and professional life, spirituality, sentimental life, etc.)

3- Updated energies of the Earth's magnetic field – Light frequencies of the same equivalence with the updates carried out on the planet to elevate it.

The positive charge is transferred by the Elohim (psychic work) in a song entitled "Song of the Universe". Audio is sent via email or WhatsApp.

Duration of Absorbed Light Frequency activity – Three months. Depending on the person's need and level of awareness, it is possible that the desired change is already present in the first application. This in turn promotes the corresponding change in her life. After three months, the frequency can be updated and work continues on an ascending scale. Very high frequencies like spiritual ascension can only be updated every six months. The others can be updated within three months. The interested party undergoes an evaluation and receives guidance for their specific treatment.

For greater understanding, I suggest listening to the lectures - Jesus - The Great Lemuria Crystal - Just let me through - Part 01 & Just let me through - Part 02

Who can carry out the work of the Magic of Transformation?

Anyone who needs to raise their energy frequency for some personal (changing something in life that is not going well) or spiritual (enlightenment, ascension, awareness, clear understanding and lucidity) purpose and has chosen to embrace their path of awareness expansion and enlightenment .

Who should not undergo this spiritual treatment?

Anyone who is not committed to the Good and has no interest in a better spiritual life, since energies of unconditional Love are injected. It is impossible to use this tool for negative purposes. Low frequency intentions do not phase in with the energetic charge injected by the Elohim. So nothing happens. Therefore, TM does not violate free will under any circumstances.

For what purposes can you work with the Magic of Transformation?

Any one, as long as they are for the Good, progress, growth and expansion of consciousness. If the intention is for improvement and happiness, whatever the sector, the job is indicated.

How to work with the Magic of Transformation?

1- The interested party must send an email. He will answer a simple channeled questionnaire from the Elohim. This will assess whether or not the individual is able to start treatment.

2- Then, a form will be sent in which the requests will be filled. The treatment will be defined via email. Questions and guidance are also sent by email.

3- The material will be sent by email or via Whats. The initiate will be notified of the deadline for delivery of his MT.

Other observations – Those who wish to continue the treatment beyond three months must notify ten days in advance before the end of performance of the previously applied energy.

Contacts – By e-mail - or by Whats - (31) 98889-1096 - from 8 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday) and 8 am to 12 pm on Saturday.

How much is the investment?

Investment of work – R$180.00 (Per application - duration of 3 months).

Payment can be made via PagSeguro, PayPal, Mercado Pago or by deposit/transfer. Payment links will be sent by email after approval of the channeled questionnaire.


How is MT sent?

Materials sent – ​​MP3 Audio and Instruction Manual.

Do I receive advice regarding questions during treatment?



This is work of a spiritual order. The energy used in the energetic treatment comes from higher dimensions, from the Elohim (Emanations of Life that act in creation). As it is an extremely thorough and powerful work, the Magic of Transformation is performed solely and exclusively on this blog, so no one else has spiritual authorization to perform this tool on behalf of the Elohim or any other divine entity. Do not carry out energetic and spiritual work with any professional who does not inspire confidence.

TM is not black magic and has no connection with religions or sects. It is an energy treatment, so it is not a medicine and does not necessarily do away with the work of a health professional, if it is used to heal the physical or emotional body. If such ideas presented here hurt your values, beliefs and philosophies of life, this work is not recommended for you.

Magic of Transformation - The Book - Click here...

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