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Systemic family constellation is a brief therapy technique that identifies possible traumas, blocks and difficulties absorbed by living together in family ties.

The constellation will project its internal vision of the family and from there, experience the feelings, thoughts and emotions of each participant (represented by the dolls). Such an experience is called phenomenology.

Access to the familiar morphic field shows the patterns adopted, which were passed down through the generations and which perpetuate unsatisfactory results. In this way, you can eliminate judgments and expectations projected on your loved ones.

Through a new view of the situation (resignification) the constellate enters a process of healing and internal transformation. By putting the family system in order, rebalancing is found. A lighter and happier life is experienced.

The focus of the constellation is to heal relationships. Strengthen the bonds. Free the heart and mind to flow into a new perception of reality. Take personal responsibility for yourself and your life.

Aspects to be worked on with the constellation:

Psychosomatic and health problems;

Loss and grief;

Relationship with work and money;

Emotional Dependence;

Difficulty to relate;

Forgiveness and hurt release;

Patterns that repeat themselves;

Lack of north in life.

Which therapist will do the session?

The holosystemic and metaphysical therapist Márcia Diniz. Graduated in Integrative Holistic Therapies, Master in Reiki, Life Coach, Systemic Family Constellation. Postgraduate degree in neuropsychology, psychopedagogy, MBA in people management, leadership and coaching. Courses in psychoanalysis and hypnosis.

Registration: SB-P1038/19

How is the session conducted?

Through the representation of family dolls and situations to be dealt with, the constellation is led to reflect on the events and the best way to deal with them, releasing forgiveness, healing and love.

For the session to develop well, the constellation needs to be direct and practical, as it is a brief therapy, if you want to dwell on more issues, another appointment will have to be scheduled.

How long is the session?

Up to an hour and a half - 250.00 - can be paid in installments.

Write us to schedule your session:


Whats: 31-98889 1096 (chat only)


As this is a brief therapy, its results will be noticed if the constellate does its post-session part and applies everything that has been said and learned.

For deeper issues, where the person has a lot of difficulty to overcome, regular therapeutic follow-up is advised.

There is no way to change ingrained patterns of years without dedication and willpower.


"Muitos insights criativos e de criação de coisas novas.


Minha irmã que mora aqui do lado, voltou falar comigo.


Saldo bem positivo, muitas coisas boas vindo e acontecendo."

Ana Paula

"Muitas dores de criação foram vistas e começei um processo de cura. Sou mais feliz depois da constelação, com certeza.


“Vi exatamente como sou o reflexo do pai e da mãe. Surreal.”
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