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Transformation Magic for Animals

It is an energetic/spiritual treatment through which light energies are inserted in the animals' field, in order to assist them in their internal and health processes, at all levels.

The transfer of frequencies is performed through the song "Canção do Universo", by the Elohim. The mp3 audio file is sent by email or Whats, as the tutor prefers.

Which animals can be treated with TM?

Any animals can undergo the TM treatment, as long as the guidelines regarding the treatment process in general are respected (see lecture).

How long can I treat my pet through TM?

Indefinitely. TM frequencies help in the health, psychological and emotional well-being of animals, respecting the profile and nature of each species.

How long will the applications last?

TM frequencies act in the field of animals for three months, from the day the energy transfer was performed.

When to start treating my animals with TM?

TM helps to promote the general health and well-being of our pets regardless of their health status, therefore, it is not only recommended in cases of illness. Animals in ideal health conditions can undergo the treatment. There are no contraindications.

How do I go about treating my animals?

Write to or send a message to our Whats (31)988891096. You will fill in a form with the necessary data and information.

What is the treatment investment?

R$100 per application. They can be paid via deposit\transfer (ask for the contact details) or via PagSeguro\PayPal. Links are sent after contact.


TM is not a medicine and does not have any invasive method. Under no circumstances does TM replace the work of veterinary medicine professionals, nor the care that falls to the tutor.

Do not abandon any type of medical treatment that your pet may perform. Follow the guidelines of your trusted veterinarian and keep regular visits necessary to take care of your pet's health.

Although it goes by the name of "magic", TM is not witchcraft, it is the insertion of energies from higher planes of Light to assist in the health and life of animals, without causing them any kind of pain or emotional, psychological and physical harm. . TM is not Reiki. No promises are made about the results of the treatment, as those who carry it out are aware that the animal's health depends on a set of factors. This work is of a spiritual order and done through the channeling of science from other dimensions. If our method of work hurts your convictions and beliefs, do not initiate contact for treatment purposes.

Magic of Transformation - 2020 - All rights reserved ©

This is the exclusive work of Filhos da Alva, no one anywhere is authorized to work with this tool on behalf of this project or the Elohim.


"I am writing to report a fact that happened to my little dog named Pérola. She is of the "cofap, sausage" breed, just like the one in the advertisement for those of the "old ones".

In May 2019, she developed an accumulation of fluid in her body, and was rushed to the veterinary hospital duty, where two liters of water were drained from her body. That is, she was exploding! Since then, began my battle and that of Pearl, as well as the entire team of vets to find out what had actually happened.

Within a month, she came and went home swelling and stopping eating. And every day more, losing his doglike senses. From then on, the worry only increased. The veterinarian made contact in the state and outside it in order to ask for help to rule out possible diagnoses and seek a solution to her case. You could feel the team's desperation to find the solution. After 45 days, it was discovered what she actually had. The name was Lymphatic Syndrome, a very rare disease in humans, imagine in dogs!

Well, then we started the whole treatment process and it was really a battle. She used probes of every kind you can imagine, tests, serums of all kinds. Her small body was pierced from head to toe and with no guarantee of survival. It was such a pain when I looked into her eyes and she said "Please help me!" I confess that I had never seen anything like that.

The veterinarian even mentioned euthanasia itself, because the recovery is very laborious and the animal does not always resist the treatment. People in my family even said "give it a "shot", this dog is suffering and spending money, that's no good". Have you ever faced a decision like that? Yeah... But I followed my heart in doing everything to the end, whatever it took to save her. Until one day, my friends told me about Vinícius and his work with MT. And I found it interesting.

I chose to undergo the treatment myself. That's when I reported the Pearl case to him. And that good soul called Vinícius, without hesitation, said - I will send the TM to Pearl, to help you in your recovery.

I spent two months in the veterinary hospital, I went to visit her every day, taking her home only on weekends, following the entire extremely strict treatment, feeding Pérola only by tube every 4, 5 hours, waking up during the night to take medication and having a lot of cart. She was no longer my happy puppy. His recovery was extremely slow.

On August 30th, he arrived in MT for Pérola. And I can only summarize it in the following sentence: The Pearl revived in such a way that not even the veterinarians believed in its recovery. Her recovery from TM was so amazing that by September 10th she was already home and barking for food, literally something magical I saw happen before my eyes.

Pearl's recovery was simply amazing with the help of TM, I'm sure the fact that I listened to my heart in taking care of my dog ​​brought this process to me along with Vinícius. So I report that if you really believe the "miracle" happens. The magic of Transformation was a watershed in the treatment of the Pearl. Today she is super healthy, running, barking and wasting love. If you have an animal that needs help and if you believe, make sure something magical will happen.

Pearl barks...


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