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“Way of Ascension” is a dive into Spirituality. Its objective is to point the way to Unification with the Creator through teachings based on metaphysics, theology and self-knowledge.

Drawing on the teachings of Jesus and the testimony of those who followed and ascended alike, this book offers the map to the treasure of Unification and communion with the Tree of Life. This book addresses the reality of the spirit world and its influence on our planet and civilization.

Book Content:

Introduction- The book eaten by John
1- From dust you came, to dust you will return
2- Unification
3- The seven keys
4- Quantum Leap
5- Domitilla, the Roman saint
6- James, brother of the Lord
7- Mary's white roses
8- Baptism and the Desert
9- The Great War
10- Negative strategies – Yin & Yang
11- Chapter 10 - The Strategies of the Negatives - The Enemy Has Come to Kill, Steal, Destroy
12- The strategies of the negatives - Archetypes of humanity
13- The Beast and the False Prophet

Material content:
115 page PDF document

Ascension Path - Digital Book

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