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1- Appreciate the vital principle
2- The focus must be on a single vibration and not on a single thought
3- Thoughts and Affirmations (Part 1)
4- Endowed with infinite power
5- Feeling the soul
6- Assuming lightness
7- Appreciate and see the good in the bad
8- Joy is pure contentment
9- At least a little better
10- Working the resistances
11- We offer a vibration of well-being
12- Decreasing resistance is gaining acceleration
13- Believe, even without any evidence
14- Positive attitudes, indispensable
15- Interact with desire
16- The spider's web (information grid)
17- The functionality of being physically focused
18- Your world is a product of your beliefs
19- Alignment is your task
20- The response to the request is always equivalent to it

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Words of Eternal Life - 30 days of positivity

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