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Reading the energies of the year 2021

Dear reader, it is important that you read everything carefully!

Limited spaces.

Due to my schedule in 2021 and the time available to carry out this work, an exact number of readings was calculated that I will be able to take within the established timeframe. Therefore, interested parties need to apply as soon as possible to secure their place. Once the deadline is closed, this work will be closed and will only return in the following year. During the year, other tarot works will be opened, but not this one.

The vibrational tarot reading for your year is an energetic reading tool from the archetypes bestowed by the Elohim. These archetypes reveal the predominant energies in your field in relation to the 2021 vibration and from there, bring the most assertive guidelines so that you can walk through this year seeking the best it can offer. The guidelines, in addition to giving you a clear direction, can help you understand certain events and the best way to position yourself before them, taking greater advantage and learning.

Three archetypes of the Vibrational tarot are read:

One is the ruling archetype of your year , that is, it will bring the main energies of 2021 to you, in accordance with what your field vibrates, because the reading is made from your magnetic ID , so the reading is unique and exclusively yours. Each person has a unique energy, so the archetypes will parallel their energy and the predominant energies of 2021. The other cards reveal the predominant energies of the first and second semester and their respective orientations within your life in general.

Two archetypes of the Metaphysical tarot are read:

Favorable and sabotaging behavioral aspects applied to all areas of your life.

*What are the steps to perform the reading?

All it takes is your full name.

*How is the reading sent to you?

An audio of approximately 30 minutes will be recorded and sent by your email or Whats. Questions from the reading will be answered only by email or by Whats. (Before making the payment, check if there are vacancies).

Investment (Full Reading, Vibrational Tarot + Metaphysical Tarot) - R$150.00

Has interest? Request payment details by e-mail: or Whats: click here . .


The objective of this work is the expansion of consciousness through self-knowledge and personal development, based on the laws of spirituality. Therefore, no guesswork, premonitions, or anything else like that are done. The reading of this tarot, at the moment, is done solely and exclusively through Filhos da Alva.

Copyright: © Vinícius Francis, 2021

Disclosure of this material without the author's consent is not permitted.

This work is registered, therefore the violation of copyright is constituted a crime, plausible of legal action.

Light and Blessing!

Vinicius Francis :-)

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