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This class is amazing. I point it out to you who have been trying for years to fulfill your dreams whatever they may be and attract the blessings and success you so much desire, but without really promising results. There are behaviors of ours, highly sabotaging, that we are not even aware that they exist and that abruptly boycott the desired manifestations.
And look, if you understand the subject of this talk, there could be a big turnaround in your life. Let's study about the two essential steps to effectively create something and explore the details of the resistant vibration of "too much". Well, those who really want it are because they don't. So how to proceed? How far can I go with this desire and what are the other healthy behaviors that, if I practice, have a positive impact on the realization of my dreams? I also teach about the cultivated inner posture, often empirically, by those who have achieved much more than they thought they could achieve.

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Lecture - The key to making your dreams come true

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1 review

  • Valter SantosDec 24, 2023
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.