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"Solte a Franga" is a metaphysical course whose purpose is to release your forces to build a life with meaning, prosperity and happiness.

Certain forces within us determine the quality of the flow of our life, and knowing how to deal with them and understand their laws and dynamics is to achieve alignment with a promising life. If you feel your life meaningless, prosperity, self-fulfillment, possibly those forces in you are repressed, inhibited. This course will help you reconnect with your true essence , thus restoring your inner and outer life.

Topics covered in this material

There are nine videos , as described below:

Class 01 - Introduction - Identifying the three powers (conscious self, soul, animal), identification of temperament and persona.

Class 02 - Castration Processes - Sabotaging Behaviors That Repress Our Power and Essence

Class 03 - Consequences of prison (Part 01 & 02) - Understanding processes of depression, panic syndrome, anxiety, dissatisfaction, compulsions, shortages, allergic diseases, among others.

Class 04 - The Power of Libido (Part 01 & 02) - Concept, identification, metaphysics, chromotherapy orientations and from fengshuí

Lecture 05 - Healing Processes (Part 01 & 02) - Steps from metaphysics to re-establish the connection with your true essence

Class 06 - Metaphysical exercise - Letting go

Course time - Approximately five hours of classes in total.

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Light and Blessing!

Vinicius Francis :-)

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Course - Release the Chicken

  • Format:

    Approximately 5 hours of video lessons.


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