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The REPROGRAME-SE course brings together effective techniques and exercises for absorbing the content learned, in an accessible language and very didactic and rich content. I have gathered in this guide much of what I have learned throughout my career as a metaphysician and spiritualist therapist, within the concept of mental reprogramming . Our life is a reproduction of what is programmed in our unconscious and this material is a complete course so that a new programming can be carried out, in accordance with the desired changes.
Material content:
PDF handout - 35 pages with the following subjects:
*PNL - Anchor Stacking
*PNL - Self Hypnosis
*The secrets to attracting good things
*Exercise scheduling - Reprogramming in practice (40 days of intensive reprogramming)
Audio Content:
Three in-depth classes on metaphysical reprogramming in practice.
Subjects: The Three Powers of Inner Reprogramming

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reprogram yourself

  • Format:

    PDF handout

    MP3 audio sent with access link inside the workbook.


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