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Part 01 - Seven weeks of healing:
Introduction - I invite you to the path of Fullness
First week - Love to be healed
(Teachings + Exercise and decree (prayer) of activation of the energy of Love + candle of the week)
Second week - The Crown of Truth
(Teachings + Exercise, Truth energy activation decree + White Magic process of Truth energy intervention + candle of the week)
Third week - Meeting with the Creator
(Teachings + Mantra (Psalm) and exercise to activate the energy of communion with the Creator + candle of the week)
Week Four - Healing Bad Feelings
(Teachings + Exercise (suggested and complementary) and decree of energetic cleansing of bad emotional fluids + candle of the week)
Fifth week - The fruits of the Spirit
(Teachings + Exercise and decree of energetic activation of the fruits of the spirit + candle of the week)
Sixth week - Essence Rescue
(Teachings + Virtual reality exercise and decree of settlement and rescue of the inner essence + candle of the week)
Seventh week - Inner Transformation is full Happiness
(Teachings + Exercises (energetic transmutation mentalizations and application of healing and transforming fluids in water) + Happiness energy activation decree)
Part 02 - Eighth Week of Healing - In addition to the seven weeks of Healing, the material contains the eighth week of channeled healing of Priestess Amaranthus. As below:
Eighth week - Post and chakra positivization exercise
(Teachings + Exercises with seven decrees for the positivization of the chakras, which will be worked one by one, applied by yourself).

Seven Weeks of Healing

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