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This mini-course is for those who wish to thoroughly understand the necessary steps within the law of attraction to create reality and manifest their dreams. We learned that to create our desires, we just need to think, visualize and then the universe will take care of taking us to that.

However, there is much more between visualizing and manifesting than we learn. And it's focused on that that I prepared this material, to help you in every detail of the process that involves one hundred percent of your conscious and dedicated participation. Understanding this, everything will flow in a positive way and you will be a perfect collaborator of the cosmic forces for the materialization of your desire. This process requires practicing some things that, in my opinion, are "magic steps". And let's learn what these steps are in a simple way, in a fully understandable language, and in a practical and quick way.
Are studied in this work:

*How to create your wish
*Internal posture that validates your creation
*Internal and external attitudes needed to create a favorable energy for opportunities
*Laws of Possibility - Probability - Feasibility
*Permissive states and behaviors
* Deprogramming beliefs and attitudes that delay the process or even prevent it from flowing
*Wear the energy of originality

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Foolproof Steps to Manifestation - The Law of Attraction in Practice

  • Format:

    MP3 audio lecture - 1:30 approximately


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