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Hermetic Radionics Table


What is the Hermetic Radionic Table?

The Radionic Table is an instrument that allows the measurement of various energetic vibrations, whether from people, houses, situations (normal and paranormal), diagnosing, treating and transmuting conscious and unconscious blocks. Performs internal reprogramming at various levels. It helps the person accept reality, forgive, break free from the shackles of the past, and project a more peaceful and pleasant present.

This Radionics table is based on the seven main hermetic laws, namely:

Mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, gender.

Note: This table does not show specific dates, as in some tables, nor does it correlate with reading about black magic or works of this nature. It is a reading focused on the therapeutic side, to understand the reasons for low vibrations and how to resolve specific issues in the energetic sphere.

How is the analysis done? Could it be a one-off issue or a harmonization process?

Yes, there are both possibilities. The analysis is done using your personal data and a photo. First, an initial measurement of your energy is taken. Through dowsing, the table guides us through the proper tools to improve its vibration. Commands are made according to the tool indicated by the pendulum and sent to you, through superimposed graphics – central mandala – radionic process. An interdimensional portal is created to deliver the new vibratory patterns read on the table.

Ex: punctual question - affective life; familiar life; prosperity, health.

How is the number of tools sent to me captured?

4 essential tools will be sent, after the fourth tool, the measurement will be made through the light point, where we will verify the need or not of additional tools.

How many days will I feel the effects of the table?

For 21 days the cleansing process and the flow of new energy patterns will be set in motion.

It can be subtle or deep according to the energetic opening given.

Possible effects: dreams, intuitions, opening paths, change in patterns and beliefs, more lightness, joy, inner peace, reduction of possible negative symptoms felt before the table.

How often can I redo the table?

After 21 days, period of activity of the table. Redoing is not mandatory, only if you wish.

Can I request a table for someone else and other things?

Yes, there are no objections. The table can be done without the person's approval, as it is non-invasive energy work. The commands are sent to help the person, if he will use it, it is up to him to allow it or not, consciously or unconsciously.

It can be requested for a person, home or business address, animals, plants.

What is the Bureau's delivery deadline?

Delivery time is 2 to 5 days on average. According to job demand.

How is the table delivered?

A photo of the table will be sent, a command to do it for 21 days to enhance the process, and an explanatory audio of the entire process (average audio between 15 to 20 minutes).

Which therapist makes the table?

Holosystemic therapist Márcia Diniz. Graduated in Integrative Holistic Therapies, Master in Reiki, Life Coach, postgraduate in Neuropsychology, MBA in People Management, Leadership and Coaching, Psychopedagogy and Emotional Intelligence. Courses in the area of ​​psychoanalysis, hypnosis. Family constellation. Dowsing and radionics operator. Therapist responsible for the communication channels of Filhos da Alva's work.

Registration: SB-P1038/19

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Hi all the team,
I come to give you my feedback regarding the Quantum Table.
I should mention that during the 30-day period, I also started the "Reprogramming and Positivity" program, I listened over and over to some of your videos, in particular those relating to personal power and "Learn to be positive and aligned" and I did (I do ) guided meditation: "I believe in me" and "Activate your personal power".
I started exercising and taking care of myself more. I am in the process of giving up smoking, which for me was unthinkable just over a month ago. I value myself more. Soon, I stopped giving so much importance to people and situations that only consume my energy. They haven't disappeared, but I see them more clearly. Most of the time, I manage to distance myself emotionally from them. I have more inner peace.
The Quantum Table was the "push" I needed to take action and gain a new perspective.
Thank you ⚘
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